Support The Aftermath

The Aftermath is supported wholly through donations from individuals like yourself. If you like what you’re hearing and wish to support us, please consider giving to the show.

Another way to support The Aftermath … support our sponsors:

Ecclesia Coffee Shop
The Aftermath is sponsored by Ecclesia Coffee Shop where they create community over a quality cup of coffee. Mention The Aftermath at checkout and receive 10% off your next coffee or tea.

Thrive ICT
As the only non-profit in Wichita providing long-term support to survivors of trauma, Thrive ICT is proud to sponsor The Aftermath. Thrive ICT recognizes that trauma doesn’t stop when the immediate crisis ends. They fill a crucial void in services in the Wichita area. Connect with Thrive ICT on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with their handle @ThriveICT or visit their website to find out more about how they can support you in your journey through the aftermath of trauma.